Cutting low to medium tensile carbon steel (500 – 900 N/mm2)


The PVD coated, carbide tipped CX1-M saw blade has been developed for cutting solid carbon steel (carbon content < 0.60%) with a medium tensile strength between 500 and 900 N/mm2 at very high production rates.


  • New saw body design
  • Specifically designed for cutting solid carbon steel with medium tensile strengths
  • High productivity
  • Best blade life performances when a wider range of materials needs to be cut


  • Solid carbon steel with a tensile strength between 500 and 900 N/mm 2 on high performance machines
  • Suggested cutting speed: 100 – 280 m/min.
  • Feed: 0,06 – 0,10 mm/tooth.
  • All known brands of stationary automatic sawing machines such as: Soco, Nishijimax, Tsune, Mega, Everising, Rattunde, Behringer etc.

Note: Respect 10% fill ratio, use wire brush, check quality and supply of oil. Mist preferred. Check temperature of cut surface (should be cold).