Perfect surface finish and burr-free tube ends cutting austenitic stainless steel tubes


The high nickel content of austenitic stainless steel tubes makes them difficult to cut with HSS saw blades.

With the dedicated tooth geometry of the carbide tipped and PVD coated CX 4 saw blade, perfect surface finish and burr-free tube ends will be achieved.


  • High performance cutting of stainless steel tube (austenitic, ferritic)
  • Suggested cutting speed: 80 – 140 m/min
  • Tooth load: 0,06 – 0,12 mm/tooth
  • Machines: Soco, Rattunde, Bewo, RSA, Sinico

Note: Respect 10% fill ratio, use wire brush. Be aware of tube vibration when cutting less stable products (use form jaws). Choice of cutting oil is critial to achieve high blade life (Castrol B30 or B335 suggested). Positive geometry, carefull handling of saw blade to prevent tooth damage.