Ideal for cutting steel tubes on high performance automatic sawing machines


The CX 3 saw blade has been developed for cutting tubes on high performance automatic sawing machines, at a higher maximum cutting speed than with HSS saw blades.

It is most effective on sawing machines with accurate control of chip load and variable feed rate. Bigger tips are applied at pitches > 9mm for added stability.


  • Cutting steel tubes with a tensile strength between 600 – 1500 N/mm2
  • Cutting speed: 180 – 280 m/min
  • Tooth load: 0,04 – 0,16 mm/tooth
  • Machines: Soco, Rattunde, Sinico, Bewo, RSA, Plantool, Adige, OMP

Note: Respect 10% fill ratio, be aware of tube vibration when cutting less stable products (use form jaws), try to select one saw blade (tooth count) to cut all products.