The Haas family has been involved in the metal cutting circular saw blade industry since 1958. Donald A. Haas Sr. started a small trading firm named “Industrial Sales Company” near his home in Buffalo, NY.

This company distributed metal cutting saw blades and industrial products to the Northeast. After several years, he moved the company to South Carolina and began importing saw blades from Europe. His two sons, Donald A. Haas Jr. and James M. Haas were also involved in the business. In the early 1970’s the sons purchased the company from their father and in 1981 they added two additional partners from a German company. At that time, the name of the company changed to Insco Saw Division. In the year 2000, Don and Jim sold their portion of ownership in the company to the one remaining German partner.

​Today, Jim Haas, Donnie Haas and Peter Haas own the business, and have secured the future of the company as a world-class producer of metal cutting circular saw blades in the United States. Raw material and finished products are imported from Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and the USA.